Preparing for the primary elections in Collin County Texas.

The early voting numbers in Texas have been reported to be twice what they were in 2006, but what tomorrow will bring is still a big unknown.  One thing is certain, that a lot of new voters are heading to the polls.
Personally I will not be participating. Why? Because in my research I found myself really only wanting to vote for two people; unfortunately one of them is a Democrat and one of them is a Republican.  What is an independent to do?
While I’ve found myself really disinterested with any of the Republican candidates for Governor (thanks to all the mud slinging and crazy talk about promising to do things the Governor has no authority over), especially after finding a seemingly more knowledgeable and down to earth choice within the Democrats.  However, for my voting precinct, there’s not much else to choose from on the Democratic side of the isle as most of their races go uncontested or unfilled.  As for the rest of the Republicans, there’s plenty to choose from, but what I’m most interested in, is to see who’s going remove long standing Representative Hall (pretending to be a conservative while bragging about all the pork he has sent to Texas).  Unfortunately I fear with such a wide variety of choices, the vote against Hall will likely be split too many ways; hopefully, at best, resulting in a run off vote.
I’m going to hope for the best and know that if nothing else I’ve still got the Libertarian convention coming up, as well as the Constitution party that will be going out in full force to get their name on the ballot.  Of course both of them must first wait until the primary elections are over, as anyone participating in the primaries will then be bared from participating with any other party in any way.

Collin County Elections Ballots and polling locations are available on-line to preview.

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