Texas Libertarian Party influences local non-partisan elections

It’s not clear to how helping to elect non-partisan candidates will help a political party “build their team”, but it’s certainly interesting to note that they may have a better chance at influencing such election since less then 10% of registered voters typically participate in such elections.  Of course the whole purpose of being non-partisan is to keep powerful political parties from influencing otherwise resource restrained local candidates (such restrictions might even be helpful for partisan candidates).
I’m also curious to know how they can get away with supporting such elections when they are clearly a political party and these are non-partisan elections.  It would seem that the funding is actually coming from a private source that is tied to the Libertarian Party, but technically not Libertarian funds.  It seems like a bit of a loop hole they are using to get away with putting their own into an unfair advantage over the true will of the locals. Certainly those on the city counsel have a much more direct impact on the people they represent then our national and state officials, and yet they tend to have the poorest voter turn out of any elected official.
There would certainly be a much larger turn out if these elections were held on odd years in November to con-inside with other non-partisan elections, as some states do, but that’s not the way it’s done in Texas.  For most people I think it gets annoying as they feel they are constantly engaged in voting and trying to keep up with it all; instead of spending a week or two each year looking exclusively at the October campaigns, as most voters only do every other year.

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