Gary Johnson and John Jay Myers head to Dallas for Texas Swing Tour

August 16th, 2012, Gary Johnson, Libertarian Candidate for U.S. President, has been in Dallas since last night as part of hisTexas Swing Tour with senatorial candidateJohn Jay Myers. His first stop in Dallas was at the Free Man Cajun Cafe in Deep Ellum for a party with other Libertarian’s, and theirtour van Jack Gault.
Gary Johnson and John Jay Myers gave essentially the same speeches the following morning at the Park City Club, just north of University Park, were congressional candidates Ed Rankin and Seth Hollist were also in attendance. Gary talked about his desire to continue the message of liberty and freedom that Ron Paul had been touting earlier in the year, saying that once Ron Paul’s campaign is officially over, he will be the only presidential candidate, on the ballot in all 50 states, that will continue to speak for freedom and liberty.
Gary Johnson and Seth Hollist at the Park City Club in Dallas
Gary Johnson and Seth Hollist at the Park City Club in Dallas
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Seth Hollist

Free Man Cajun Cafe

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John Jay talked about how many people in politics are distracted by social issues that the government should have no involvement in, while at the same time allowing politicians and others in power to steal from us for their pet projects. He also said that he does not see Libertarians as radical, but that our current government and the accepted status-quo are what is truly radical.
Be sure to watch the video on the left for Gary’s full speech and Q&A session at the Park Cities Club. You can also find John Jay Myers speech here, and photos of those in attendance in the above slide show.
Gary Johnson’s tour is planned to continue tonight at Joe T. Garcia’s in the Fort Worth Stockyards, then tomorrow they will head to Waco and Austin. On the 18th, their will be two events in San Antonio, including a free event around lunch time, and a fundraiser The Hyatt Regency. The final stop will be in Huston on the 19th. John Jay plans to follow up the tour with some additional stops on his return trip to Dallas.

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