Contenders for Texas’ U.S. Senate 2012 election

Dallas County Libertarian Party table and Ross parade.

It’s ramp up time for the general election happening on November 6th, 2012. One of the races this year is Texas’ U.S. Senate contest. Here are the basics that you need to know about each candidate:
Ted Cruz is the expected winner in this very strongly Republican state, but is he truly the best candidate? His web-site claims that he has a proven record despite the fact that he has never held a publicly elected office. Still he does have over a decade in public service as the Solicitor General of Texas. Essentially Ted is a government lawyer whose wife is also a vice president for Goldman Sachs, and he was born in Canada. Some of his notable accomplishments include memorizing the Constitution in high school as part of a Free Enterprise Institute program, and being the founding editor of the Harvard Latino Law Review.
Vote informed.  Know all your options, and make your voice heard!
Vote informed. Know all your options, and make your voice heard!
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Seth Hollist for US Congress
John Jay Myers is a charismatic Libertarian who thinks Cruz and Sadler are extremists, because they both support actions against Iran, continuing the violent and costly war on drugs, and other big government initiatives that are driving us further into debt. John Jay’s three main campaign initiatives are to end the wars that “create more terrorists than they stop”, end corporate welfare by “strongly limit what government can do, and to make it impossible for politicians to reward their corrupt friends”, and letting us live free. His web-site also states that our “choice of sexual partners and what substances you put into your body is none of government’s business.”
Paul Sadler is the relatively underfunded Democrat challenger. He has previously been elected to the Texas House of Representatives, during which he takes credit for passing “legislation to raise teacher pay three times and to create the teacher health insurance program”. He doesn’t say if he supports “ObamaCare”, but his web-site certainly says he supports many provisions contained within it. Another main point of his campaign is to support alternative energy sources stating on his web-site, “Paul is a nationally recognized expert on alternative and renewable energy sources”.
David B. Collins is the Green Party candidate who supports Jill Stein’s Green New Deal. He is also a believer in global warming and states that we need to “prepare the nation to face the effects of climate change already occurring.” He also wants to “Institute public financing of electoral campaigns, and a Constitutional amendment stating that corporations are not people and money is not speech, to keep corporations and extremely wealthy individuals from buying elections.” He also appears to be anti-immigration, but also wants to give those already here a path to citizenship.

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