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Fathers And Sons Campout

Spaldam takes his boys camping in the Coconino National Forest. For more about why we do this every year, see this web-site. We get to see a small cave, some lean-to’s, make campfire food, and enjoy a fireside where we talk about the restoration of the priesthood by the Prophet Joseph Smith.

Living in an RV with Kids

Do you have experience living in an RV with kids? Let me know what you think, by leaving a comment on YouTube. You also get to see me install a Jerry Rigged ’10+ front skid plate on my ’07 FJ Cruiser, and learn about one of my favorite YouTube channels.

FJ Cruiser Oil Lube and Maintenance

I show off the basics of changing oil in an FJ Cruiser, and what oil filter to use for better protection over stock. I also go into other maintenance items, like lubing your drive shaft; a good idea to do with every oil change. My six year old son also came out to see what […]

Fixing my Coilover without a Spring Compressor

I had an issue with one of my shocks that required pulling the strut and spring assembly (often referred to as a coilover) apart to repair. most people would say you need a spring compressor, but the one’s that you “rent” from the auto parts store are not exactly the safest things I’ve ever used. […]

FJ Cruiser Front Control Arms Replaced

I replaced the front control arms on my FJ Cruiser. If you’re curious to see how I did it, here’s the video: You really only have to watch the first eighteen and a half minutes to see how it was done, the rest is just fun extra video footage of the whole ordeal. After 169,000 […]

Exploring Sky Harbor Airport with the Twins

We went to pick up a friend from the airport and did a little exploring! We got to see some Southwest Airlines airplanes and talk about who makes them and where they fly. We had fun on the escalators. We then saw a Bondurant race car that was on display to advertise racing school. The […]

Happy Easter

Happy Easter. Remember He is risen! As important as Christ’s atonement and death is to us, don’t forget he was also resurrected and he lives!

Who wins: Google vs. Facebook, and my Social Media Refocusing

What would it take for Facebook to take over the world of Social Media? What could Google do to better position itself to compete directly with Facebook? I have a few ideas on just that. Watch and learn. I also give you the secret to how Social Media sights make money, and why Facebook and […]

Mining The Grand Canyon: MCPE Easy Survival Episode 4

Last week Spaldam found a canyon while playing MCPE.  He wanted to make it into the Grand Canyon. As he’s mining away at it to make it nice deep, he finds a lot of Iron, and some coal. He also finds zombies and almost dies as they attack him. In the process he also uncovers three […]

Church Softball at Cooley Park in Mesa Arizona

If you want to see a bunch of middle-aged men playing softball at Cooley Park in Mesa Arizona, you’ve found the right video. We have fun every spring playing softball at Cooley Park in Mesa Arizona. If you want to join us just ask one of your Mormon neighbors and they would be happy to […]

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