2015 Toyota 4runner Oil Change

2015 Toyota 4runner Oil Change
2015 4Runner Engine Bay

Toyota 4runner Oil Change How To

This was the first time I changed the oil in my wife’s 2015 Toyota 4Runner, so I wasn’t entirely familiar with how to get to everything; making for some good bloopers at the end of the video. It’s very similar to the FJ Cruisers from similar year ranges, so you can follow along if you have an FJ as well. If you have an older FJ Cruiser you can check out that video instead. Come learn from my struggles and be sure to stay tuned for the oil changing bloopers at the end of the video.

Here’s a list of supplies I used:

Mobile 1 0W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil.
Oil Filter
Drain Plug Gaskets
Mobile 1 Synthetic Grease (Seem My FJ Cruser Oil Change Video to see how to use Grease).
Lint Free Shop Towels
Oil Funnel
Safety Glasses

These are the tools I used:

I’ve had this set of tools for a very long time, they are great for every day general use (including oil changes),
Oil Filter Wrench
There are plenty of Grease Guns to chose from.
Here’s my cheap, but trusty oil drain pan.

The video was made with:

My LG V20 Smartphone.
The CyberLink PowerDirector Android App.
They have a desktop version too.
My crappy Joby flexable cell phone tripod (this one looks new and improved over the one I have).

Most importantly, make sure you are familiar with all the steps needed to properly change the oil. The oil is vital to making sure your engine runs smoothly, and without it, you’ll end up destroying the most expensive and critical part of your vehicle.