FJ Cruiser Oil Lube and Maintenance

I show off the basics of changing oil in an FJ Cruiser, and what oil filter to use for better protection over stock. I also go into other maintenance items, like lubing your drive shaft; a good idea to do with every oil change.

My six year old son also came out to see what I was doing. He was full of questions.

I then talk about what I’ve been doing to the FJ Cruiser over the last six months to make sure it will last another 10 years. I also have a few more things that likely will need some attention sooner than later.

Here’s a list of tools and supplies you’ll need to do the things I show in the video:

Mobile 1 5W-30 Extended Performance
M1-301 Oil Filter (it fits, even though Amazon says it doesn’t)
Mobile 1 Synthetic Grease
Lint Free Shop Towels
Oil Funnel
Safety Glasses

I’ve had this set of tools for a very long time, they are great for every day general use (including oil changes).
There are plenty of Grease Guns to choose from.
Here’s my cheap, but trusty oil drain pan.

If you do have cracks on your engine mounts, you need these.

Video made with:
LG V20
CyberLink PowerDirector Android App
They have a desktop version too.
Joby Tripod for cell phone (this one looks new and improved over the one I have).

Good Luck with your FJ Cruiser Oil Change!