Who’s really behind the Transformation of America?

Glenn Beck – Current Events & Politics – Glenn Beck: Why Obama’s Speech Doesn’t Matter

As Glenn has pointed out many times, it’s not the specifics that matter, it’s the structure that’s being created threw government bailouts, health care reform, and other backdoor amendments to bills.

Is Obama behind it all, with his “Transformation of America“? He couldn’t be, as much of it started with President Bush. Obama inherited the TART bailout, for those of you who have forgotten. Automakers were already asking for handouts under Bush, and then Obama came along and wanted a “bailout” for the people; or so it seemed.

Although Bush did go along with a lot of these things, it should also be noted that it was the Democrats that had the majority in congress for the last two years of his tenure.

So who’s really behind this if Obama is just another Pawn in the game? We’ll, I wouldn’t say Pawn — Bush was more likely a Pawn — but maybe a Knight, or a Bishop, or maybe even pawn who has been promoted to a Queen. It does beg the question, however, who is the King? Who is the one person who would be behind all of this? Who would want to control our lives, to make us live a certain way, buy certain kinds of cars, get only the health care that is cost effective, eat less meat, give up our sovereignty for a new world government, want us to be a part of a well funded civil army, etc.?

Could it be billionaire George Soros? I’ve heard a lot about him over the last few years, but could he be behind a fundamental change in America? The only reason Soros has power, is because his money is considered desirable by so many.

On the other hand, being a believer in God and Satan, I must point out that Satan’s original plan was to take control and power and force us all to be saved; taking away our free agency. Perhaps he still wants to, and has been putting such desires into the hearts of powerful men since the beginnings of this mortal world. Perhaps he is the one who is truly behind all of this. Perhaps he is the real “Anti-Christ” spoken of in Revelations that so many Evangelicals fear.

If we only had more people in office who cared about who they represent, more then they care about were their next campaign funds are coming from. If only we had more Americans seeking out such people to vote for them regardless of political affiliation. If only…

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