Where is Ron Paul? Right here in North Texas

Recently Fox news asked the question “Where is Ron Paul”?  Well today he was in North Texas, and many of his local supporters are overjoyed!  He made two stops along the way, one in the Dallas area for a fundraser, and one in Fort Worthwith the Youth for Ron Paul group.
Ron Paul stopped off at the Addison Marriot first for a fundraising lunch, and Dallas Ron Paul supporters took the opportunity to greet him as he drove to the event. They occupied the intersection of Beltline and Quorum for about two hours waving signs and getting many honks of approval from those driving by. After his arrival this group of self-organized supporters had a chance to see Ron Paul in person, if even just for a few minutes.
Texas, being Ron Paul’s home state, is expected to support him in a big way; especially after he won the Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll back in January. With 155 delegates at stake – more than any other state other than California – andhis recent momentum with winning delegates in the Missouri Caucuses, he will likely come away with a large chunk of delegate support for the GOP national convention in Florida; or possibly the entire state if the SREC decides to make a last minute change to turn Texas into a winner-takes-all state.
If you still don’t think Ron Paul has much of a chance at winning, you might be surprised that some analysts have put him at second place in the delegate counts right behind Mitt Romney.  Regardless of who wins, Ron Paul has already won the hearts of many North Texans, as is evident by the hard work they are doing to prepare and train delegates for the state’s GOP convention.

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