North Texas GOP Senate District Conventions, April 21st 2012

I’ve gotten reports back from many of my fellow political activists and friends involved with the Ron Paul Dallas group pertaining to the 2012 Texas GOP Senate District Conventions. Due to the sensitivity of some of the reports, and concerns about gerrymandering and retaliation, I’ve decided, as requested by some, to not name anyone in this report.
Dallas County District 23, due to low turnout, everyone present whom had filled out an application got onto one of the two lists: delegates and alternates. A motion was made for a roll call to get anyone on the delegate list that was not present switched with those who were present from the alternate list, but the motion was voted down. Still once the chair was forced to open the floor for nominations, a number of people did get added to the alternates list. The end result is an estimated 15-20 Ron Paul supporters as delegates as well as a large majority of the alternates.Broken down by district here are some of the comments and summaries of what went on last Saturday:
Dallas County District 8 similarly got everyone on a list who wanted to be due to low turnout. The Chairwoman did mention Ron Paul fans in a positive light, and one Ron Paul supporter even mentioned his support to the nominations committee with positive results. It was reported to have been very civil. They even passed, without any opposition, the following resolutions:
“Be it resolved that the Republican Party of Texas demands Congress amends sections 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA to include specific language that denies the government any grant of power to suspend habeas corpus, due process, nor any other inalienable right normally afforded to citizens of the U.S.”
This is a clear victory for detractors of these two 2012 NDAA provisions.
District 8 is also within Collin County for which a separate convention was held. This meeting turned out to be very lively and contentious, with someone being assaulted by an allegedly former Judged and prosecutor. There were plenty of slots, as with most of the other conventions, to get everyone on one of the two lists. The real excitement happened when a motion to reconsider the delegate report was presented, and the Chairwoman incorrectly said it was out of order. Despite protests she would not budge exclaiming she had not read the entire Roberts Rules book that she bought for $78 and that the person who made the motion to reconsider was from out of state originally (see video for more). Still at least 10 Ron Paul supporters became delegates and 40 or more as alternates, with many other good moments throught the convention.
Dallas County District 2 had one person commented that it went very well, and everyone in the group got onto a list.
Districts 30 and 33 were reported as being very Ron Paul friendly, and district 10 went very long but very well too. A good number of Ron Paul supporters are now state delegates thanks to these open minded conventions.
District 16 “attempted a coo, got close” but was unsuccessful. One person was there from out of state trying to get involved, and got escorted out by four officers after refusing to move to the “guests” area. One person commented that the State convention “is going to be a blood bath!” based on their experience at this convention.
District 12 in Denton had some success as well. The person reporting they had learned four things about “Establishment Republicans”: they brag about being good christens and having wonderful families; brag about their conservative party platform; brag about always being right; and hate Democrats.
District 9 delegates were chosen based on past involvement with to the party. They also showed disdain for Agenda 21, and the 2012 NDAA. At least one Ron Paul supporter became a delegate.
Certainly based on these reports, and other comments I received, there will be a good group of Ron Paul supporters going to the Texas GOP State Convention in June. However, like many other states, the delegates are technically unbound, meaning the National convention will have a large number of delegates that nobody knows how they are going to vote; though many claim, or at least hope, the majority of these are Ron Paul supporters.
Ron Paul was also successful in other states this past weekend:
Minnesota now has a confirmed delegate count with Ron Paul having 20 out of 24 Congressional Delegates, with 16 still to be awarded at the state’s convention.

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