Tonto Natural Bridge State Park Arizona

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park Arizona
Tonto Natural Bridge State Park Near Pine Arizona

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park is a beautiful place just north of Payson, Arizona that everyone needs to add to their bucket list of places to visit. It’s also not far from the wonderful recreational areas of Pine Arizona.

We hiked down to the bottom of the natural bridge where we could see the waterfall up above. The wind would occasionally push the water from the waterfall into the underside of the bridge and spray everyone with water.

There are multiple hiking trails you can take to and from this travertine natural bridge to see it from below or above. We took a look from all the angles but stayed on the more mild and shorter hiking trail. You’ll want to plan a couple of hours for the shortest hike, and take plenty of water with you as all of the hiking trails are rigorous.

The kids also filled out the Junior Ranger sheet to earn a badge. They had five of them after this trip, and we plan to continue getting more.

Being within the Tonto National forest and above the Mogollon Rim, the temperatures are on the cooler side. The scenery is very green, filled with pine trees and other cool weather mountain plants and trees. It’s a great place to be in the summertime.

I handed over my ThiEYE T5e action camera to the kids while we were at Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. This is the highlights of what I was able to pull from the video they produced.

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