Texas primary run-off elections over as general election campaigns start up

The primary run-off elections are now over, and RepublicansDemocratsLibertarians, and also Green Party candidates have made their way on to the November ballot. There are even some independents that have been collecting signatures to get ballot status. Now it’s time to head off to the races as we start to see signs and advertisements for these candidates over the next few months.

ugust 20th
 – Last Day to file for local races and to order General Elections (for Cities and Special elections).32.766639709473
 ; -96.777908325195
  • September 7th – First day to apply for a mail-in ballot
  • October 9th – Last day to register to vote
  • October 22nd – First day of early voting
  • October 30th – Last day to apply for a mail-in ballot
  • November 2nd – Last day of early voting
  • November 6th – National Election Day.
The contenders for the Northern Dallas areas November 6 races are:
  • President The GOP and DNC national conventions will happen later this month to officially nominate their candidates. The Libertarian party has already nominated Gary Johnson.
  •  Congressional District 3 Sam Johnson (R – Incumbent), Christopher J. “Chris” Claytor (L)
  • US Senator John Jay Myers (L), Ted Cruz (R), Paul Sadler (D), and a long list of other candidates.
  • Congressional District 4 Ralph M. Hall (R – Incumbent), VaLinda Hathcox (D), Thomas Griffing (L)
  • Congressional District 5 Jeb Hensarling (R), Ken Ashby (L); Linda S. Mrosko (D)
  • Congressional District 24 Kenny E. Marchant (R – Incumbent), John Stathas (L), Tim Rusk (D)
  • Congressional District 30 Eddie Bernice Johnson (D – Incumbent), Travis Washington Jr. (R), Ed Rankin (L)
  • Congressional District 32 Seth Hollist (L), Katherine Savers McGovern (D), Pete Sessions (R – Incumbent)
  • Congressional District 33 Tommy Alicea (L), Ed Lindsay (G), Chuck Bradley (R);Marc Veasey (D)
  • Rail Road Commissioner Place 1 Vivekananda (Vik) Wall (L), Dale Henry (D), Chris Kennedy (G); Christi Craddick (R)
  • Rail Road Commissioner Place 2 Jaime “JOP” Perez (L), Josh Wendel (G); Barry Smitherman (R – Incumbent).
  • Supreme Court, Place 2 Don Willett (R – Incumbent), RS Roberto Koelsch (L)
  • Supreme Court, Place 4 Charles E. Waterbury (G), Tom Oxford (L); John Devine (R)
  • Supreme Court, Place 6 Michele Petty (D), Nathan Hecht (R – Incumbent), Mark Ash (L), Jim Chisholm (G).
  • Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals Keith Hampton (D), Sharon Keller (R – Incumbent)
  • Court of Criminal Appeals Place 7 Barbara Parker Hervey (R – Incumbent), Mark W. Bennett (L)
  • Court of Criminal Appeals Place 8 William Bryan Strage III (L), Elsa Alcala (R – Incumbent)
  • SBOE 9 Thomas Ratliff (R – Incumbent), Sherri L. Little (L)
  • SBOE 11 Jason Darr (L), Patricia “Pat” Hardy (R – Incumbent)
  • SBOE 12 Lois Parrott (D); Geraldine “Tincy” Miller (R).
  • SBOE 13 S.T. Russell (R), Mavis Best Knight (D – Incumbent)
  • SBOE 14 Sue Melton (R), Stephen Hawkins (L)
  • State Senate District 2 Robert “Bob” Deuell (R), Uncontested.
  • State Senate District 8 Ed Kless (L), Ken Paxton (R – Incumbent), Jack G.B. Ternan Jr. (D)
  • State Senate District 12 Jane Nelson (R – Incumbent), John A Betz Jr. (L)
  • State Senate District 16 John Carona (R – Incumbent), Jared Leiman (L)
  • State Senate District 22 Brian Birdwell (R – Incumbent), Tom Kilbride (L), Lyndon Laird (D)
  • State Senate District 23 Royce West (D – Incumbent), Bishop John Lawson (R)
  • State Senate District 30 Craig Estes (R), Ricahrd Wells Forsythe Jr. (L)
  • State Rep District 33 Scott Turner (R), Michael A. Carrasco (L)
  • State Rep District 65 Ron Simmons (R), Alex Mendoza (G), Gary Brown (D)
  • State Rep District 66 Van Taylor (R – Incumbent), Uncontested
  • State Rep District 67 Jeff Leach (R), Uncontested
  • State Rep District 70 Scott Sanford (R), Uncontested
  • State Rep District 89 Jodie Laubenberg (R – Incumbent), Bob Worthington (L)
  • State Rep District 100 Eric Johnson (R – Incumbent), Uncontested.
  • State Rep District 102 Stefani Carter (R – Incumbent), Rich Hancock (D), Michael Joseph Spanos (G)
  • State Rep District 103 Rafael Anchia (D – Incumbent), Uncontested.
  • State Rep District 105 Linda Harper-Brown (R – Incumbent), Rosemary Robbins (D), Saul Arechar (G)
  • State Rep District 106 Pat Fallon (R), Rodney Caston (L)
  • State Rep District 107 Kenneth Sheets (R – Incumbent), Pactric Spreng (L), Robert Miklos (D)
  • State Rep District 108 Dan Branch (R – Incumbent), Jarrett Rab Woods (L)
  • State Rep District 112 Angie Chen Button (R – Incumbent)
  • State Rep District 113 Cindy Burkett (R – Incumbent), Angela Sarlay (G), Leighton Durham (D)
  • State Rep District 114 Carol Kent (D); Jason Villalba (R).
  • State Rep District 115 Preston Poulter (L), Mary Clare Fabishak (D); Bennett Ratliff (R).

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