Texas GOP candidate for US Senate Glenn Addison visits Dallas Ron Paul activists

Glenn Addison at Dallas Ron Paul activist's headquarters.

This evening, Glenn Addison, a Ron Paul like candidate for Texas‘ GOP US Senator race – who openly announced support for Ron Paul on Monday – visited the Richardson headquartered group of political activists supporting Ron Paul‘s presidential bid. Glenn was well received not only by those in attendance, but also a few independent media reporters and videographers.
Glenn is a funeral home owner and a “fan of the American Family”, who has been all over Texas campaigning, spending close to $100 thousand dollars. While he’s certainly not the biggest spender of all the candidates, he certainly seems to be one of the hardest working and most constitutionally centered; showing off his favorite copy of the US Constitution while he talked about all the things he would like to see eliminated from the Federal Government, because they are not in the Constitution.
UTD Ron Paul students with Glenn Addison at Ron Paul Dallas activists Headquarters
UTD Ron Paul students with Glenn Addison at Ron Paul Dallas activists Headquarters
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Richardson, tx

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Glen spoke for a little over a half an hour talking about his Christian Conservative and constitutionally based ideals saying, “If it’s good enough for the founders it’s good enough for me.” He wants to eliminate 8 federal departments including the EPA, DOT, DOE, and others. He exclaimed his disdain for all government bailouts and even explained how he lost support from one person who receives government subsidies. He believes we are heading to financial collapse, and the only solutions are bitter medicine. He gave an analogy of being in a crash at 20 MPH now or latter at 75 MPH; explaining that we can take the bitter medicine today or have our country die from a fatal crash in the future.
Glen wants to get the UN out of the US and the US out of the UN. He wants a strong military, but not for the purpose of policing the world, rather for national security. He expressed a great concern for the exportation of US jobs that he attributed to unfair trade agreements. One solution he discussed was to cut manufacturing taxes to 10%, along with offering a tax holiday for businesses that bring manufacturing back to the US. He mentioned this as a temporary solution, as a step towards transitioning back to the original constitutionally authorized list of taxes that includes tariffs, and not income taxes.
His solutions for Social Security and Medicare are a slow transition away from them, stating they are not in the constitution, but we can’t eliminate them right away because too many people have put their eggs in that basket for retirement. He further stated that we can’t get back to the constitution immediately on many things, but must take steps to eventually get there.
Glenn wants to end all foreign aid, with the only exception of “renting” strategic military locations to help protect us against rogue nations. He mentioned that Israel gets a lot of help, but they are at a point where they can start taking care of themselves; thanks to a natural gas discovery, and military maturity. He wants people who are concerned about disasters or other issues within other countries to pull out their own checkbook not seek to use the government provided money, stating that it should be individual decisions.
The meeting concluded with photographs and cake, and additional one on one discussion. Others also mingled and made plans for future Ron Paul and liberty related events; including the Texas primary early voting that starts on Monday, with the final vote on May 29th.

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