If Ron Paul quit why are signs popping up all over Dallas

Ron Paul‘s campaign released a letter last Monday noting a change to his campaign strategy, and of course the media jump all over it saying he was dropping out. However, driving around the Northern Dallas area I’ve noticed a lot of his signs are starting to show up. This would seem contradictory, wouldn’t it?
Texas is one of the Primary states Ron Paul’s campaign specifically said they were not going to be campaigning in for votes due to the high cost of obtaining those votes. Yet as the Texas primaries early voting period is underway yard signs are showing up all around the Northern Dallas area. The thanks for this actually do not come from the Ron Paul campaign, but from a grass roots effort of die-hard Ron Paul supporters.
In talking to many of these supporters, there were a lot of questions about why this letter was released, and what it really means. Most have decided to stay the course, and push for a successful GOP primary result, that will likely now have a low turnout thanks to the presumed Romney nomination, though there are still some other hotly contested races – particularly for the Senate – that will likely produced voters.
These supporters are also focusing very heavily on the delegate process, to hopefully get a large group of Ron Paul supporting delegates going to the national convention in Tampa, Florida in August, where many hope that the unpledged delegates will in large part be Ron Paul supporters. Still with Romney having closet to 1000 delegates – both pledged and un-pledged – he will be a tough one to beat at the convention.

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