October 2017 General Conference Traditions

My 2 favorite weekends every year, general conference weekend! My church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints holds a conference every April and October, when we are blessed to hear from our Apostle and leaders of our church. There are three sessions on Saturday and two sessions on Sunday. Growing up we had to dress up for church and attended these sessions in a church building. With the advancements in technology we get to sit at home and watch these sessions in our pajamas. I look forward to these weekends so much I don’t even mind missing out on a Park Saturday.


I wanted to make conference weekend something my family looked forward too. So these are the traditions we started. Let me say, my goal was to get the kids interested in conference and to listen to at least one session. I exceeded my goal! Not only do they listen to one, they are in the room for all five sessions.

Conference Traditions

  • We do watch in our Pj’s. My youngest loves pj days (one of those reasons, is because we don’t leave the house, and he is a homebody).
  • I have a table set up facing the tv, so the kids can sit, eat, draw, color.
  • Kids have a conference journal and a new conference packet to work on. I only bring the journals out for conference. I love this packet by Mormon Cartoonist.
  • Kids have a speaker board. They take turns moving the picture of the current speaker to the top of the podium and add a subject that he/she is addressing. This keeps them engaged.
  • We have a favorite food and treats table. Who doesn’t look forward to that?
  • Our treats include the following:
    • Donuts
    • Bran muffins
    • Fruits and veggie tray/ with a yummy dip
    • Nuts
    • Pringles
    • Candy
    • Muddy Buddies
    • Texas Firecrackers


General Conference weekend is just 6 days away! I’m looking forward to the uplifting talks that are quite often exactly what I need to hear! More details about LDS Conference are linked here.

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