Cotton Shower Curtain

I love my shower curtains!

Who says that?

I have thrown away a few, because they have something growing on the bottom, as the husband and the kids have a hard time leaving the curtain open to dry. How do you wash plastic??? I hate to throw them out, One – its a waste of money. Two – the new ones always stink!

I am replacing toxic items with non-toxic a little at a time. Moving is a great time to replace. Throw away the old ones, I didn’t even have to pack. Amazon delivered the new ones to my new front door.

After a little research I came across these…

One for each bathroom. They don’t smell. Super easy to wash. Throw in washer and hang back up in shower to dry. Plastic liner not needed as it is canvas…just keep open to dry after a shower.

[amazon_textlink asin=’B001AMUL24′ text=’B001AMUL24′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’detoxfam-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’677db2f9-4283-11e8-b69a-4134e6f4cac1′]

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