Obama’s Post Mid-term Election Speach

The complete text of the news conference can be found here.

His speech and answers seemed very sincere to me, but also naive. In fact, I’d have to say that the more sincere you believe he was, the more us average Americans, who pay for everything, have to believe that he is completely out of touch with reality; probably because he’s unfortunately spent most of his life surrounded by Liberal Socialists.

His trying to blame economic issues on the massive Republican Victories across the nation, only shows that he has no clue how many of us really feel about things like “ObamaCare”, Massive Deficit spending (especially when it’s used to bail out big business), Corrupt financial personal in bed with government, government officials and CEO’s that should be in jail but instead get big bonuses, and the looming threat of massive inflation, among other things.

On the other side of the coin, Republicans have promised a lot, and Tea Party’ers are certainly going to expect it; however, they only control the House while Democrats hang on to a small majority in the Senate, and Obama still maintains a practically un-reproachable veto power.

At this point it looks like the best strategy is going to be to prevent more big government bailouts and power grabs, while maintaining the current momentum to gear up for even more conservative republican victories in 2012.

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