2010 Collin County Texas election results and the Texas House Speaker

For the most part, as was expected, the votes went to the Republicans:

Straight Party Total Votes

  • Republican 45980 73.82%
  • Democrat 15880 25.49%
  • Libertarian 364 0.58%
  • Green 66 0.11%

Even with non-straight party voters, the Republicans won by large margins. This should come as no surprise in such a heavily conservative county. In fact all of Texas seems to have gone the way of the Republicans to some degree, with the exception of Dallas that actually pick up a couple more elected officials from the Democrats.

US House of Representatives Stayed Republican with Sam Johnson, and the longest tenured Representative, Ralph M. Hall.

Rick Perry is governor for a third term, and if he fulfills the term, he will make history as the longest standing governor of Texas.

David Dewhurst remains as Lt. Governor, along with Attorney General Greg Abbott, and many others.
Click here for a compleate list of election results for Collin County Texas.
The biggest news is the now 99 Republican Texas House members that will give the Republicans nearly complete control over what goes on in Texas government, but only if they can manage to get a new House Speaker.

According to Statesman.com a letter was sent to current and incoming members of the Texas House this week, urging them to replace Republican Speaker Joe Straus. Joe Straus has been elected with help of Democrats, and is considered to be more moderate. Conservatives feel they have spoken loud and clear in this election that a change is in order to more conservative political leaders.

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