Doran Canyon – Calico Ghost Town California

Doran Canyon of the Odessa / Doran Loop has more of a desert feel. When traveling this area, you will notice that the mostly desert landscape is very different than its counterpart Odessa Canyon.

Doran does have one big difference when it comes to the trail drive, “Doran Gate Keeper”. Doran’s Gate Keeper is an insanely difficult obstacle with rocks larger than your vehicle. The holes between the rocks are so large that it is common for people to put their vehicle on its side between the rocks. It’s a spectacle to watch as the rocks look like they are swallowing the vehicle whole. There is a bypass around this obstacle for the 99.9% that won’t try the Gate Keeper, but the rest of the trail isn’t much easier. With several large waterfalls and many off-camber tight areas, Doran will test your driving skills to the max.

Someone watching me come down the largest waterfall took a video of it and put it on YouTube:

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