Debra Medina in the political target, but Glenn Beck losses the interview

The supposed GOP underdog candidate, Debra Madina, got her chance at the national spot light yesterday, but did she really get her message across, or was she ambushed with an unexpected question that could cost her the TX-GOP nomination?
On the Glenn Beck Radio Program yesterday morning, Glenn commented to Debra that he was seeing “a theme that ran against [her] and that [she is] a 9/11 Truther.”  This seemed to catch Debra off guard who answered in a way that appeared truthful, but according to Glenn was going to “write her off the list” for the Texas Republican Party Governor nomination.
Unfortunately what Glenn didn’t seem to realize, was that on the very same radio station he get’s broadcast on, in Collin County Texas, KLIF, is a local radio talk show host, who is seemingly much more understanding, and gave Debra a chance to clarify her position to many of the very people who will be voting for her in a few short weeks.
John David Wells took call after call about Debra for most of his 3 hour radio show, The Wells Report, that same afternoon.  I was able to listen to a fair amount of it, and while some people did seem to agree with Glenn, many more seemed to think that it was in fact Glenn who had lost this interview as he repeatedly got accused of “ambushing” Debra on an issue that not only has nothing to do with the Texas Governors race, but that Debra had until this point not made or received any comments on before.
Many seemed to be wondering were Glenn even got this idea from, and one caller even speculated on possible links between Glenn and some Texas big shots that seemingly tied him back to Rick Perry.  Glenn certainly seemed to have a thing for Rick Perry saying within the exact same segment, “Rick, I think you and I could French kiss right now.”  Glenn also made a number of other comments about Rick to further prop him up.  A stance that to some of John David’s callers, and myself, is seemingly out of character for someone who claims to be doing what he does, for the people.  Many of John David’s callers said they were actually more interested in Debra now then they were before, and much less interested in Glenn; possibly making Debra the “winner” of this debate.
Certainly Debra’s response to Glenn was not well poised, but most North Texans who commented on it, that afternoon, seemed to be understanding; especially after Debra herself made a statement in response to the interview saying, “I have never been involved with the 9/11 truth movement . . . I have not seen any evidence nor have I ever believed that our government was involved or directed [the terrorists] in any way . . . The question surprised me because it’s not relevant to this race or the issues facing Texans”.  She also called in to The Wells Report to clarify her misunderstanding of Glenn’s seemingly unnecessary question, that resulted in what even she seemed agree, was a misplaced response.
However, Glenn is certainly not the only person to have attacked Debra: Chris Matthews has attacked Debra on her 10th Amendment views; Leo Berman, State Representative, District 6 raised concerns about Debra’s fiscal ideas; i even came across an article on The Huffington Post that seemed to primary be an attempt at bashing Medina for her stance on taxes. Yet despite all this, her popularity seems to continue to grow while Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison continue to fling mud at each other, or so it seemed to me as I listened to the breaks filled with political ads during Debra’s follow up interview on the Wells Report.
I would have to say that if you truly want a person who understands what we the people go threw every day, and who will stand up for what’s right for the people; then you need an unpolished non-career-politician, who’s going to make mistakes and miss-speak from time to time, but who is willing to be honest in their answers.  Unfortunately, at least over the last few decades, that doesn’t seem to get you elected.  Maybe this time will be different?

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