An Eternity in Your Eyes

How did I get here?!
Staring into a universe so beautiful
And not just one, but two
I am lost in wonder
Helplessly draw into your eyes
Wondering when life will start again.
Mesmerized and Hypnotized.
Hoping life will never be the same.
Hoping you and I will remain.
Hoping for more then I know
Hoping more that we can grow
Growing together in an eternity
I hope you shared
Wanting you more with helpless smiles
Wishing that we were closer by miles
Feeling a chance that I dare not lose
Feeling I’d be lost without you.
You give me such a service of joy
How I smile just by looking into yours.
How beautiful they are for eternity.
Is this love that I’m feeling,
Is this love or am I dreaming,
Is this the love that I’ve been searching for?
How do I feel when I’m dreaming?
Inside your eyes for an Eternity.

– S.J. Hollist

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