Where’s the Stimulus going?

Glenn Beck: Eye on the Stimulus – light sensors:

“. . . when the government says they spent $24 million on an apartment building greening, they really only spent $59,000 and another $23,941,000 were left over. Nobody knows where that went . . . $109 million for one veterans home . . . In actually St. Albans is slated to receive only $3 million for the new light bulbs and light sensors. The government was only off this time by $106 million . . .”

LA Times: Some projects raise question: Where’s the stimulus?:

“. . . Aging bridges and roads are being repaired, providing needed jobs for construction workers. Money is going back to working-class Americans in the form of a tax cut . . . new renewable energy sources feeding into “smart” grids that reduce utility costs. . .” [I personally am now paying an extra few dollars a month for my “smart” meter that was forced upon me and likes to shutoff my power in the middle of the hot humid summer] . . .

“. . . Minneapolis . . . to spend $2 million . . . on a vacant 99-year-old theater that developers want to convert into a center for dance. . . [but only] $300,000 to a company that wants to open a solar-energy-panel manufacturing plant that would create 360 jobs by 2011. . . Federal guidelines say that stimulus money may not go toward “recreational facilities that serve a predominantly higher-income clientele.”

INDYSTAR: Where’s the stimulus money going?:

L.A. Now: Where’s that stimulus money going?:

“. . . the “Metropolitan Transportation Authority” wants to pursue securing $150 million for [expantion projects] . . . Other big projects . . . include the carpool lane[s] . . . and a plan to rebuild subway . . . $5.3 million for preliminary work on developing a positive train control system for Metrolink.”

Sound Politics: Where’s that federal “stimulus” money going?:

“. . . ($180) million is going toward 5 Nickel and TPA projects that are already funded with the two gas tax increases approved in 2003 and 2005 . . . 30 on the state list are small repaving, rumble strips and guard rail projects . . . may result in a net increase of jobs but there won’t be very many, they will be temporary. . .”

Glen Beck: Eye on the Stimulus – Turtle Tunnel:

“$3.4 million to tackling roadkill on U.S. Highway 27 near Lake Jackson . . . the government solution to the problem is to build a 13 foot tunnel under the highway to accommodate the more than 60 species of animals . . . Turtles are the most frequent victims on this road.”

And did we all forget about the 2008 “Stimulous” checks we all got? Were’s all that money now? I think mine now belogs to Visa. I think what we have now is a 1.1 Trillion Dollar Mess of unfairness and future obligations on our children (don’t forget to account for decades of interest on all tha money too).

$2.8 million on New Mexico forest toilets.

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