The Time Between

3/4/94 6:10 p

We Moved in with my grandmother, because mom was living
in the basement of our house and wouldn’t stop coming up stairs
even though she was told not to. Eventually she moved out, but not
before we got a restraining order from her bugging us at our
grandmothers house. She felt that our grandmother was taking over
the roll that she was already out of in our lives.

I didn’t really like the food over there, but it was O.K. We
lived there for around two years or less, but it seems like hardly
any time at all now. I became best friends with my cousins that
lived on the other side of the field from us. Dad was dating, and
he finally met his second wife. We seemed to get along O.K. with her and her

We couldn’t see the future that i now know, but can’t really
tell if it’s for better or worse. Any how that gets us to the
point were my second book of Journals begins. I would start with
the first, but it is not available for this beginning.

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