Once upon a time there was an anteater who liked stealing
buses so one day the anteater stole a bus and all the people
were late for work. The bus driver was chasing the bus, but the
anteater got away. One day the anteater was speeding and the
police caught him. He didn’t have a license. They found out that
the bus was stolen, and he went to jail. He has never stolen
anything since.

The Ocean is green, very green. Do you know why it’s green.
I’ll tell you. It all started when people stopped eating peas.
They dumped them in the ocean, and now all the water is green and
when you get a drink out of the faucet you will drink peas, too.
I think they should plant less peas.

The lady was taking a walk with her little dog, potels, when the
man came up behind her and took her purse, and started running
after him.
If She catches him she will get her purse back and he will go
to jail. If he gets away the police will find out were he is and
capture him so either way he’ll go to jail.

I can’t remember the first time I tasted it.
It looks brown white and black. I hate the black. My
favorite dessert is chocolate. I like the white the best.
It tastes very good, it seems to melt in your mouth. It’s very
good especial the white!

One day there was a man walking down a street and two flees
jumped from a dog on to the mans hair. On his way home something
bit him on the hair. He scratched and something bit his hand, it
was a flee. When he got home he took a bath, but the flee jumped on
his cat. Then one day he noticed his cat had a flee on it. He got
a flee collar in fact he got twenty flee collars. but the flee ate
them all. He blow up his house but the flee came out with his cat.
Then the flee ate his cat. Then it ate him then it ate the world
then the universe then everything and died.

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