The Rotisory Foundation BBS went down June of ’99

The Rotisory Foundation BBS went down June of ’99.
after seven years of fun and frolic.
Last messages

Welcome to Spaldam’s Rotisory Foundation Homepage.  If you’d like You can visit the real thing buy using your modem and a program such as HyperTerminal, QVT/Term, Quicklink II (Once shiped with most modems), or any ANSI or RIP compatible program.
What is the Rotisory Foundation?  Ever heard of a BBS?  It’s sort of like a free, amateur online service.  It’s not the internet, nor does it have tons of graphics, but it does have interactive, real-time games, files, and message bases (similar to News groups, and some of the message bases are connected to news groups).  Come join the fun……..!!!!!!!

The Rotisory Foundation was run on OS/2 Warp

It was run on WWIV BBS software

The BBS was also powered by the PPP project

The Rotisory Foundation pix's

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