Texas House Speaker 2010 candidates

Just when you thought elections were over, another race has heated up in Texas. Current leadership of the Texas House is in a struggle to hold on to its former glory. With a massive wave of new republican representatives, many are saying the previous speaker, Joe Straus, needs to go as he was only previously elected thanks to support from Democrats. His moderate views certainly don’t reflect the recent changes that voters had spoken for, loudly and clearly, just a few weeks ago.

Pajamas Media: “There’s a battle for power in Austin centered on one question: Who gets to elect the next speaker of the Texas House? The answer to that question determines its outcome.

Dallas Tea Party (Nov. 14th e-mail): “If you pay attention to Texas politics, you know that there is a hard-fought battle being waged for control of the Texas State House. Conservative challengers Warren Chisum (Pampa) and Ken Paxton (Plano) are criticizing Joe Straus’ leadership team as being too far to the left for Texas–especially in the wake of the 2010 elections, in which the voters of Texas replaced left-wingers with conservatives across the State of Texas.”

Will Lutz : Straus holds lead as Speaker’s race heats up

Star-Telegram : 18 GOP Committee Leaders Rally Behind Straus

Mark Davis : Who’s the right Republican to lead Texas House?

Erick Erickson, RedState: “Anyone who says Joe Straus is a conservative is either a fool or a liar.

Jodie Laubenberg announces she will support Representative Ken Paxton for Speaker of the House.

Star-Telegram : Rep. Larry Phillips, R-Sherman, allegedly warned a colleague that lawmakers who fail to support Speaker Joe Straus for re-election could face retribution through redistricting.

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