Detox Foot Soak

This has been a life changer for me. I have been suffering with shoulder pain for 4 years. I can’t lift anything or I can’t move the next day. Folding clothes became a problem. My shoulder was so inflamed I could only lift my arm to almost shoulder height, reaching over my head was impossible. I saw multiple doctors. After x-rays, cortisone shots (that only relieved the pain for a couple weeks) and an MRI, I’m told it is Arthritis – unsure why I have so much damage and unsure of the best way to help me.

I made a few changes*…the first being a detox foot bath. This step to heath has been amazing. I started out having a nightly detox foot soak. I choose foot soak rather then whole body, for two reasons. First, we were in a hotel for 3 weeks and detoxing in a hotel tub seemed counter intuitive…yuck! Second, the first whole body detox soak I did (about 6 months before) made me sick…due to how toxic my body is.  Foot bath was a manageable step.

I went to the “trustworthy” internet to find a foot soak recipe. (My kids would say, “Mom are you being sarcastic?”, “Yes I am”) Always be cautious about the information given on the internet (haha, so ironic). I found this  on Pinterest. Along with a few other sites that give the same basic recipe. (Note this site talked about the water changing color, and this would identify the area in your body that was detoxing. My water did not change colors. So not sure how legitimate that part is.)


Detox Foot Soak

1 cup Epsom salt

1 cup Sea salt

2 cups Baking Soda

a couple drops of essential oil

Mix together in a mason jar and pour 1/4 of mixture into warm/hot water. Soak for 20 to 30 minutes.



I soak my feet for 30 minutes and the water is no longer warm by the end. I did nightly for a week or so, until I felt that it was not making a difference. Then I spread to ever other night and then to once or twice a week. Now I do it about once a week when my shoulder starts to ache. I started out soaking my feet in what I had…one of those pink buckets you get from a hospital visit. I didn’t feel comfortable detoxing in a plastic tub so I upgraded to a graniteware dish pan. My mixture is kept in the bathroom in a mason jar, but it gets stuck together. I need to keep it in a less humid room.


*Other changes included replacing our bed, taking supplements, eating better and starting a kickboxing class. All items I will discuss in other posts.


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