Homemade (breadmaker) Bread

Homemade (breadmaker) Bread

Love homemade bread


January 2016, I made a New Year’s resolution to take all processed food out of our house. I made a menu, a list of ingredients and appliances I needed and headed off to Costco, Fry’s and Shar’s. I seriously spent the whole four day holiday weekend either at the store or in my kitchen. After all the effort and stress…(mind you being in the kitchen is stressful for me). My youngest freaked out multiple times over the very time consuming meals…I declared it wasn’t worth it.

IT was too much at once.

The one change that I could keep doing was making homemade bread in a bread maker. There have been a couple times that I couldn’t get a loaf made fast enough for the kids lunch and ran to the store to get the store bought bread. During our 3 weeks living in a hotel and time settling into the apartment….no homemade bread. We are settled in now and once I started making bread again I realized how much I missed it. YUM!


I figured unprocessed bread meant the best, freshest ingredients and I also knew that I would not have time to make bread and work a full time job. I needed a bread maker and a wheat grinder. I headed off to Shar’s to get some advice and ingredients. 


I make the 100% Whole Wheat recipe from the Zojirushi Bread Maker recipe book. The above picture is of all the ingredients.

I was wary about using wheat. Wary for no reason. Wheat Grinding is awesome! I fill the top of the machine like this…

turn it on and a few loud minutes later I open up the bottom to this…

I didn’t give-up completely, I am slowly removing processed food from our diet. I have added more homemade meals to our menu, that the kids now eat. Baby steps, right! My next step in regards to bread is to vary from the 100% Whole Wheat.


I bought this Zojirushi bread maker for 3 reasons.

1st – My mom suggested

2nd – Shar’s told me it was a good machine

3rd – This machine could make gluten free – if I needed to go gluten free at some point.

[amazon_textlink asin=’B0067MQM48′ text=’Zojirushi ‘ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’howtodetoxmyf-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’04b87ca1-9b69-11e7-933a-8f377a801691′]

I bought the NutriMill Grain Mill for 3 reasons.

1st – My mom suggested

2nd – Shar’s demonstrated how easy it was to use.

3rd – I wasn’t smart enough to run the 40+ year old wheat grinder I borrowed from my grandma.

[amazon_link asins=’B001UI37N8′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’howtodetoxmyf-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4d341689-9b69-11e7-be4e-85f024ae47b5′]

I’m very satisfied with both these purchases. Big perk for having homemade bread in the house…A bowl of bread and milk!

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