Dallas Cinco de Mota – The 2012 Dallas Global Marijuana March

Saturday afternoon at Dallas City Hall was an eventful evening with music, speakers, and a march to promote more sensible laws around the legality and use of marijuana. The event was organized by the DFW NORML also known as DFW Texans for Sensible Marijuana Regulation. Many other groups were also there passing out literature about their causes and campaigns, along with vendors and hundreds of others just having a good time.
The speakers all has similar themes of laws and legal practices that put otherwise peaceful people in jail over the prohibition of marijuana, some even equating it to the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920’s. There was also a speech by John Lindsay from the Dallas County Libertarian Party about jury nullification.
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Filers were handed out by:
The actual march appropriately took place at 4:20 pm from Dallas City Hall, to the Grassy knoll at Dealey Plaza and back. They even had their own Truth Enforcement car, dressed up to look similar to a police vehicle. Certainly there were plenty of actual policemen around the area as well to insure it was a peaceful event. The only incident was one gentleman who started to disrobe, but stopped after a police officer requested he put his clothes back on.

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