Wyle City mayor claims to understand Mormons at LDS chapel ground breaking

This morning Eric Hogue, Wylie City Mayor, was warmly received by a cheerful group of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Wylie, TX as they held a groundbreaking ceremony for their new chapel near the intersection of Sanden Blvd. and Brown Street. In attendance was not only the city’s mayor, over a dozen local and regional LDS church bishops and other leaders, but also a few hundred Mormons as well.
The Mayor certainly seemed to have done his homework about the LDS church and its origins. He conveyed his appreciation for this group of people whom he claimed help to bring stability and good values to the community; while conveying a message of understanding towards the Mormon faith and its origins, and commending on the Book of Mormon and other events surrounding it’s revelation to the world. He seemed to be playing to the crowd, hopefully with some sincerity, but certainly with some obviously limited knowledge of the LDS church.
The rest of ceremony had a much more spiritual theme to it with speeches from the two Wylie Bishops, and the Richardson Stake President: former Assistant Dallas City Police Chief Thomas Ward. Musical numbers were given by the church’s choir. The church’s missionaries and Dallas area Mission President were also in attendance with donates and bottle water, along with brochures and videos about the church.

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