Collin ounty conservative organizations making candidate endorsements, or not.

The Young Conservatives of Texas have released their first round of endorsements in the 2010 Statewide Primary Election, Posted in PDF format here.

These endorsements Including, Rick Perry, Mike Brasovan, and a number of State House District candidates.

The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) has released an endorsement for Debra Medina, and Stephen Schoppe, along with a few others.

In contrast the Dallas Tea Party organization sent out a recent e-mail trying to make it clear that they “do not endorse or support specific candidates” but rather that the “Dallas Tea Party and the Common Sense Texans Network are non-partisan, non-profit organizations”.  The e-mail went on to say, “it’s not ‘our turn’ to make up for past exclusion and insider shenanigans by being exclusive and executing our own shenanigans.”  They seem to be the only one’s to have recently mentioned Kay Bailey Hutchison at all.

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