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Who wins: Google vs. Facebook, and my Social Media Refocusing

What would it take for Facebook to take over the world of Social Media? What could Google do to better position itself to compete directly with Facebook? I have a few ideas on just that. Watch and learn. I also give you the secret to how Social Media sights make money, and why Facebook and […]

Hello world!

Welcome to my new site! This will hopefully make it easier for everyone to follow what I’m doing!  Be sure to sign up for notifications so you can get an e-mail every time I add new content! I know my FJ is noisy on the freeway, but I’ve redone my website and wanted to give […]

Young Single Adults Video

This video was created in early 2002 or late 2001, I don’t remember exactly. It’s basically a slideshow from when I was in a Young Single Adult Ward, which is basically a Church congregation for Young Single Adults. It contains images from the many adventures and fun things we did together as a Ward Family. […]

Wow! That’s Bright! Laser Pointer On Steroids!

Checking out the Falcon V2, with a diffusion filter. This is also the same as the Assassin Laser v2 and the Shadowhawk Laser Saber. None of which I could find currently being sold anywhere. I got mine as a Christmas Present.

Salt River 2017 Flood Explained

In early 2017 the Salt River experience an unusually large amount of runoff from melting snow and a few weeks of heavy rain. I researched the Salt River to understand the awesome spectacle that I was also filming. This flooding is not unheard of, but this time it was a lot bigger than had been […]

Guy Fire at a Luau in Mesa

This luau party was a celebration of a marriage as a union of two people who have become a new family sealed in the House Of The Lord for all time and for the eternity. Thanks to the performers, organizers and all who made this possible. It was an amazing spectacle of entertainment that reminds […]

Happy Valentines Day

The three kids are wishing you a Happy Valentines Day as they prepare their Valentines gifts for their classmates. They show off Elena of Avalor, Cars, Avengers, and Fun Dip! O, and I show the kids how to do a Power Point! Music: Love –

Boca Taqueria, Mesa, AZ

We had dinner at Boca Taqueria with the wife’s family. It’s great food, and everyone in Mesa know Jeff.

Calico California Adventure and Military Trailer with Pintle Hitch

This is my behind the scenes footage of the 1st Annual Epic Adventure in Nov. 2016. We based camped near Calico, CA which is just east of Barstow, CA, and near the Western end of the Mojave Road. Trailer Accessories: Tarp Bungy Balls Pintle Hitch. Pocket Constitution Videos of the other trails we went […]

Building Shelves with Decorative Piping

These shelves took about a month to build, from planning to finished product. I’m just showing the highlights. Parts Used: Decorative Pipe 1 x 12 boards cut to length Stain Pick a color of your own choice. Screws Tools Used: Level Table Saw Pipe Wrench Drill Drill Bits 2″ Hole Drill Bit (Size may vary […]

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