Casner Mountain Trail, Coconino NF, Arizona

The oldest known history of Casner Mountain is that it was used by the Casner family in the 1880s as a route for moving cattle from the Verde Valley in the Winter months to the top of the Mogollon Rim during the Summer months. The off-road trail was developed more recently for use by the utility companies to build and maintain high voltage power lines. Much of the Casner Mountain Trail is squeezed in between the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness and Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness offering awesome views of both (and forcing you to keep your vehicle on the trail); along with the famous red rock country of the northern Verde Valley.

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The Verde Valley encompasses about 714 square miles in the center of Arizona and has hundreds of miles of dirt roads and off-road trails throughout it. You’ll have to drive some of them to get to or from the southern trailhead of Casner Mountain Trail. This entire area is the height of Arizona’s physical beauty and you’ll get an excellent view of it along the Casner Mountain Trail. While most of these off-road four-wheel drive trails are mainly within the control of Coconino National Forest, some also extend into Prescott and Yavapai National Forests; which you can also see parts of from this trail.

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