Jerome Road, Coconino NF, Arizona

Out in the deep depths of western Coconino National Forest is an old off-road dirt trail called Jerome Road. Today it is primarily used as a connecting trail to and from Casner Mountain Trail. I can only speculate that the origins of this road have something to do with the old ghost town of Jerome or it’s namesake, but even the oldest of maps do not show a direct geographic connection between the two. In fact most older maps don’t cover this area very well at all because it’s right in-between major cities, making it difficult to see the full picture.

Some maps suggest a connection to what is now called Mooney Trail which has long been used as a path for driving cattle. This would suggest the Jerome Road area would have been used by ranchers from the Verde Valley heading up towards Flagstaff, and by horse back riders from Flagstaff heading south to Jerome.

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