You Keep Me Grounded

Thank you my love for keeping me grounded
just like the control tower that won’t clear me for take-off.

Your my boat anchor that keeps me in the harbor
away from the stormy seas and from exploring the world.

Your my cement shoes that keep my feet grounded
my head out of the clouds and from reaching for the stars.

Your my roots that keep me planted in one spot
so well that even when you knock me down I have no choice but to bounce right back for more.

Your my ball and chain that prevents me from running free
so I don’t get lost and end up finding my self esteem.

Your my dominatrix so that I can give you exactly what you want
so I don’t get too excited and enjoy our time together to much.

Your my master planner making sure we do exactly what “needs” to be done
and nothing unnecessary like all of my stupid idea I can’t seem to stop coming up with.

Your my confidant that I can tell my feelings and desires to
and then help me see how stupid and foolish they really are.

Thank you my love for being my rock
you know the one that is laying on my chest crushing the life out of me.

I’d ask you for more help my love
but I’m too afraid of what else it might bring.

– S.J. Hollist

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