Wylie ISD May 12th, 2012 bond information

The Wylie ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved a $21.1 million bond package to be voted on by residents in the May 12th, 2012 election. It calls for new construction and renovation at both high school campuses, including:
At Wylie East:
  • Finish out 2nd floor classrooms
  • Additional career and technology classrooms
  • Cafeteria expansion
  • Band hall expansion
  • Dressing rooms and field house
  • Artificial turf for practice field
  • Additional gym space
  • Weight room
At Wylie High:
  • Science lab renovations
  • Dressing room space
The district claims to have done a detailed facilities needs assessments at both high schools and reduced the number of proposed items to those they felt met immediate needs that cannot wait. Since these are just the immediate needs, they likely will be asking for yet more bond initiative in the near future. They even stated on the ISD web-site that “this bond addresses the short range needs”, and that they have a long range plan through 2020 that includes a new elementary, intermediate, and middle school. This will also be the fourth time in about as many years that they have had bond elections on the ballots.
Also stated by the Wylie ISD web-site, “”the Board of Trustees set a goal to manage growth in a way that provides functional equity, financial responsibility and assurance for all student needs”, said Board President Stacie Gooch, “We believe this proposal meets these goals.”” The financial responsibility is actualy because of refinancing of current bonds, allowing them to make this proposal without raising school related property taxes for the people within the district. However, if it doesn’t pass, this savings could be passed on to tax payers and lower property taxes during a time when many could use the relief, or even kept and saved up by the ISD to pay for the needed items, a little at a time, without going into further debt.
Most residents I’ve contact about this bond request seem to favor it. Lisa said that, “The state of Texas has exponentially increased the amount of time that students are required to spend in Science instruction, specifically lab instruction. Our schools do not have enough lab space to service our children according to the minimum standards. This bond will ensure that our students are receiving the REQUIRED time in lab instruction, instruction they CAN’T receive without this bond.”
Combining bond refinancing and election simultaneously in May will save the district tens of thousands of dollars, but may also draw in fewer voters as many are more focused on primary and city elections. Typically many voters don’t vote beyond the yearly November elections, which will also keep voter turnout low. The election will also be held separate from Wylie City elections, as the city has chosen to use Rockwall County to run its city elections, and Wylie ISD is using Collin County. Thus ISD bond election will be held in the Wylie ISD Educational Service Center (Administration Building), 951 S. Ballard Street., Wylie, TX. This may mean those with strong opinions about the bond will be the only ones to show up to vote, or those involved with the PTA that are encouraged to help get it passed.

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