WISD Bond – Is the third time the charm?

Coming up in November the Wylie Independent School District is once again asking voters to support a bond proposition to upgrade existing schools and build some additional structures.  This would be the third straight year in a row that they have asked for additional fund in a city already marred with high property taxes.

            In 2000 the tax rate was: 2.4% vs. 1.8% average for Texas.
            Today taxes are slightly more then that thanks to a more recent bond issuance to build a new city hall and library.
            It’s expected to be even higher next year.
Most people I’ve personally talked to about the upcoming bond vote have complained that voters have said no the last two times, even though by a small margin, so why are they asking a third time?  After all it does cost the taxpayers money ever time they put the issue onto the ballot.  Maybe they believe that the “3rd times the charm”?
Actually, I’ve been told that WISD still has money left over from previous bond issuance to the tune of about $5 million.  Certainly enough to take care of some of the more essential needs.  Most of all I hear people say they are tightening their belts, and most of them want to see our governments at all levels do the same.  My prediction based on this would be that these bond requests will once again fail to pass by the voters.  On the other hand, WISD teachers are rumored to have been told that they will not receive a raise if the bonds fail.
The big difference this time will be that the bond vote will be split into three different propositions. Here’s a breakdown of Bond Propositions:

Proposition 1 Total $7,775,000
$3,612,100 Fiber optic ring, security cameras & upgrades all campuses
$3,612,100 Improve Pirate Stadium, track resurface, turf replace (new turf to replace fairly new turf?). $1,481,600 Improve Shaffer Stadium, turf installation (from Pirate Stadium)

Proposition 2 Total $24,940,000
$8,477,700 Burnett renovate, roof, PA system, marker boards.
$2,586,100 Harrison renovate, additions, roof, remodel, marker boards, carpet and gym.
$4,009,300 Birmingham Elementary
Kitchen renovation, gym floor, marker boards, A/C unit.
$1,023,000 Aikin Elementary kitchen renovation.
$4,043,000 Achieve Academy

Proposition 3 Total $44,250,000
$37,683,000 Wylie East new sports complex construction, IMPAC bldg, Fencing, turf installation, finish out “shell”, kitchen remodel, greenhouse construction, band hall construction, band hall construction, additional parking.
$4,567,000 Wylie High floor replacement, theater upgrades,
kitchen renovations/additions, science lab upgrades, additional parking and traffic flow improvements, cooling tower replacement, roof, drainage, sports complex upgrades.

The Wylie ISD recently sent out a newsletter explaining their reasons for splitting the bond election into three separate proposals saying, “The Wylie ISD Board of Trustees has listened to the community and responded with a reduced bond proposal that is presented in three propositions.  In this referendum many of the projects included in the two unsuccessful bonds have been modified and/or postponed until a later bond to respond to the Wylie community while still meeting the educational needs to Wylie students.”
The description each proposition as follows:
1: “Infrastructure for fiber optics and security upgrades at all campuses; improvements to the Wylie stadiums.” – $7.775 Million
2: “Additions and renovations to the Burnett Junior High School, Harrison Intermediate School, Hartman, Birmingham and Akin Elementary Schools; construction of the Achieve Academy.” – $24.940 Million
3: “Additions, conversions and athletic improvements to the Wylie High School and Wylie East High School.”  – $44.250 Million

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