What makes a great leader?

I had an opportunity to give a lesson in church last weekend to a group of Priesthood men known as the congregations “Elders Quorum“. The lesson focused on priesthood leadership and the proper type of motivation required. This also reaffirmed a belief I have about our public servants, and even business managers and leaders, in that: the best leaders are the one’s who serve.

An excellent example of this, which I shared, was that of King Benjamin; a Nephite king who lived in the Americas around ~170121 B.C. Unlike many of our leaders today, who often act like authoritarians or dictators exercising their power with unrighteous dominion, King Benjamin was good to his people, serving them in ways unheard of in today’s political realms.

King Benjamin worked hard to support himself instead taxing the people for his livelihood. Likewise, he did not seek for the riches of the people he ruled over, and instead served them. Nor did he allow his people to do likewise, but insured that they were free by teaching them to be good people.

He was also a philanthropist primarily through encouraging his people to serve one another. He was also able to foster a peaceful environment for his people to live in; however, when the time called for it, he was not a pacifist, and was even seen as worrier who successfully defended his people from being overrun by their enemies.

If it were possible that we could have good men like Kind Benjamin to be our kings, in the words of his son: “it would be expedient that ye should always have kings to rule over you“.  Unfortunately we all know too well that we almost never have such a situation in the world today, nor have we throughout the majority if it’s history.  That should not discourage us from seeking out good leaders who will serve us and actively seek preserve our liberty and abilities to peruse our own happiness.

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