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About This Web-Site:

The Webmaster is a descendent of John Taylor Hollist, and thus the focus of this web site. However, there is great interest in any information about additional Hollist families and ancestors not mentioned here. All information on this site should have some kind of connection to the Hollist name.

Navigating This Web-Site:

The navigation bar is the area in black at the top of the web-page. If you can’t see it, it’s probably because you aren’t pointing to the hollist.org web address. It contains a number of icons that can be clicked on to take you to another area of the web-site. One links to Yahoo! Groups, which may prompt you for a password if it thinks you have a Yahoo account. To get around this you’ll need to either clean up your web-browsers “cookies” or figure out what account and password to use.

  • This page is the part of the blog (blog.hollist.org). To return to this page click on the “Hollist.org” icon in the navigation bar. It is a picture of John T Hollist.

  • The Family Tree icon displays a page containing genealogical information starting with John T Hollist’s father, Henry Hollist, and links to other genealogical pages.

  • The “History” icon displays a page containing the origins of the Hollist name.

  • The “Group” icon links to the Hollist.org Yahoo! Group where you can join in with the group.

  • The “E-mail” links to mail.hollist.org were you can access hollist.org e-mail. If you don’t have one, contact the webmaster about getting one setup. It’s free to anyone with a link to the Hollist name. The web-master can also host your hollist.org web-pages for a nominal charge.

Hollist-Family Mailing List:

There’s a mailing list hosted by Yahoo! Groups. To subscribe to the list, use this form:

Subscribe to Hollist.org’s Group

The Yahoo! Group is used primarily as a mailing list for sharing news and announcements between those related to the Hollist name. You must be subscribed to the Group in order to be able to send e-mails to it. Please be considerate of others and not flood the group with e-mails, and please do not quite the group if you feel your getting to many e-mails; just switch your e-mail preferences to digest mode, or turn it off and check the group site for messages. Sending spam or other inappropriate messages will get you banned from the list.

The Webmaster:

He has put a lot of time and effort into this site, and would like to see lots of people using it, so feel free to contact him here if you have any problems, information, questions, etc.

On the Family Tree area, I want to have short stories, and interesting facts about each ancestor. If you have any, or have any other information that you think might be helpful fill free to e-mail me. Please reference the source of the information for validity. Thanks.

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