The true GOP presidential race delegate counts and Texas debate in May

Many people are starting to endorse Romney for the GOP presidential nomination, calling him the clear winner; however much his perceived lead is based on primary voting numbers, and not based on actual delegate counts. Certainly Romney is in the lead in pledged delegates, but where does he stand with un-pledged delegates?
Ron Paul has been talking about the un-pledged delegates, and while some may see this as a last ditch effort to keep his campaign alive, there is actually good reason for this. If the delegates stay divided enough through the June primaries, up to the August GOP national conventions in Tampa Florida, then many of the pledged delegates will be free to vote their conscious after the first round; potentially giving their votes to any of the candidates.
There are still plenty of unelected delegates in states that have not yet held there primaries, or have not yet finalized which people will be going to Florida in August. In an effort to re-legitimize the Texas and California primaries, the Texas GOP is attempting to organize a May debate in Huston, and so far all but Romney has accepted; possibly thinking he’s already going to win and a debate could only hurt him at this point.
True GOP delegate counts 4-1-2012

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