The State of the Nation

With almost everyone who was running for president this year talking about socialized medicine, I thought this video from over 40 years ago, warning about the political tides in the US, was very interesting:

We have become too numb to our government programs and bailouts that we have forgotten what this country went through during the cold war, while trying to defeat a country deeply involved in the worst kind of socialism, better known as communism. Yet today we are well on our way to a socialistic government that will continue to tell us more and more of what we can’t do. Or even worse, that we must do things that are morally wrong.

What can we do about it? I’ll tell you what I’m going to do about it. I’m going to vote for Chuck Baldwin and anyone else who hasn’t yet been tainted by the corruption of Washington Bureaucracies. I believe the USA needs, more then anything a strong message that we have fallen far from our Constitutional roots, and have forgotten how this country came to be thanks to Christian settlers seeking religious freedom. Am I throwing my vote away? I don’t think so and here’s why:

Why do we keep re-electing people who have an extremely low approval rating? I’ll tell you why. It’s a matter of fear. I see it every election cycle. Both side trying to scare you out of voting for anyone else. A “third party” or independent vote will only cause the worst choose to get elected, right? Maybe, and I’m sure you’ve heard all of this before yourself. The truth is that making a decision based on fear is never a good way to live your life. Jesus himself said to “Fear not, believe only” (Luke 8: 50). If you believe in having your voice heard, you MUST vote for the person who best represents you; not necessarily the one who has the best chance at winning. To truly “throw you vote away”, means you have not had your voice heard the best way it can be.

If you vote for the lesser of two evils, you’ll find yourself getting more evil, but if you vote you conscience, your true beliefs, and even if you don’t win, people will take notice when Chuck gets enough votes that his constituents could have given the the person with the second most votes the official win. That party will either slowly fade away while a new party emerges, or they will realize they need to pull back to the Constitutional roots of this country or never win another election.

– Posted by Seth Hollist

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