The Future of communications

I’ve had a vision of the future in the form of a historical article:

“The Last Words spoken”, A History of Humanity, April 6, 2250, pg. 420

“In today’s world of telepathic communications threw commonly used brain integrated computing technologies (BICT), one might wonder if humans ever used there mouths for more then just eating. In fact they did. Before the use of BICT humans use to use their hands quite a bit for communicating threw something called a keyboard which was connected to a primative vision array and a large fiber based network call “The Internet”. They used software and large “lap-top” computers, most the size of a large book, to send what was called Instant Messages to communicate across this network; despite the already wide availability of much smaller handheld communications devices. It was at the beginnings of this primitive instant messaging technology, almost 200 years ago, that it is believed the last human actually used sound to communicate. It is believe the last words spoken were done over something called a “phone” to say: “I.M. Me.”

– Posted by S.J. Hollist

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