The .22 bullet that traveled over a mile, up hill, both ways.

I remember hearing the tall tell stories our parents you to tell about how they walked up hill to and from school every day; sometimes in freezing buzzards or pelting rain.

We’ll it seems the liberal media has resurrected this story, except this time they are using it to make us gun toting crazy red necks thing twice about going to the shooting range.

According to Google Maps it’s 1.23 miles from the shooting benches at the Garland range to the back yards behind the church. As for the elevation of the range vs the elevation of the homes that back up to the church, there is a large (tall) landfill in between, and a 75′ increase overall from shooting range to backyard.

A Remington 36 Grain golden hollow point has a muzzle velocity of about 1280 feet per second. The maximum range of this round is 1892.6 yards, fired at an angle of 28 degrees from horizontal, or about 1.07 miles.

A much more likely explanation is that someone was in the tree field area behind the houses messing around with their .22 rifle.

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