Texas candidates have been determined for March 2 primary

The Dallas Tea Party has been tooting their own horn this last week, and for good reason.  Their efforts have managed to muster up some seemingly good challenges for the upcoming March 2nd primary elections; mostly for the Republicans but also a few on the Democratic side.
The Republican party will likely be where the big battles are for Texas Candidates across the state with many incumbents being challenged.
According the Dallas Morning News, “11 of 20 Republicans have drawn challengers. In nearly every case, Tea Party connections are apparent.”
In another article they also mention that, “Republicans, who hold a 77-73 edge, need to squelch potential fallout from an unusually large number of primary challenges . . . [17] Republican [State] House incumbents must shake off challenges in the March 2 primary . . . just three will have to face a Democrat if they survive. And 13 other Republicans who don’t have a primary foe will face a Democrat in the fall”
The Democrats also have 4 contests to be determined for the Texas State congressional seats.
Libertarians are also claiming a large number of candidate filings, and there are even a large number of independents planning a run.  After the primaries, you can expect to see additional petitions show up for those trying to get ballot access.

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