Texas 2013 local elections approaching

For many people in the U.S.A., the political season is behind them for another four years. For the more enlightened, they are looking to the elections in two years, but for the die-hard political activists, at least in Texas, we have our sights on the upcoming “local political subdivisions and counties” elections to be held May 11, 2013; unless you are in the Huston area, in which case you may be interested in the special election for State Senate District 6, formerly held by the late Sen. Gallegos.
This upcoming election will primarily be for non-partisan city officials and school board positions. It’s likely you’ll also find some bond initiatives depending on which school or water district or city you live in. In any case these elections are often time more influential toward directly affecting the involved communities than any other public office elections.
See the Dallas County Directory of Elected OfficialsPDF – local offices start on page 5, where you can see which ones are up for re-election in 2013.
For Collin County, see their “Officials” page to look up elected officials in your area.
What’s even more important is that the deadline to file to get your name on the ballot is about 2 months away. This means that for anyone interested in getting involved, they must do so right away. For more details on how to file, or what seats are available, contact your local city government or district offices.

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