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I’ve found myself unable to keep my web-page up to date, so I’ve decided to re-direct it here and help contribute to “Spaldam’s Rants“. If I find anything special that I want to draw particular attention to, I’ll try to add a link to it on the side-bar from the main page; but be sure to check out all of the great information on this blog. I also have a couple of items I’ll be keeping on my web-page that you can see listed bellow. What is bellow is a similitude as to what my web-pages home page used to look like. I chose to publish this post as September of 2005 because that’s probably the last time I really updated my main web-page.

The best government is self-government or in other words, freedom to chose for ourselves, and understanding the natural laws that God has set forth. I regularly check up on my elected officials to see what they’re doing with our freedoms, and write them letters regularly. I’m a very big support of The Constitution, and strongly believe to fully understand it one must study our forefathers and understand the language and word meanings used at the time. I also believe the Declaration of Independence is the moral foundation for the Constitution, and to understand The Constitution, one must understand this declaration. These two documents are the foundation of our country, and if we allow it to be left open to interpretation it will only serve to make for an unstable foundation. Any house built on an unstable foundation is doomed to fall.

Will I ever run for public office? Very much probably. As for now I have a young family to provide for and enjoy as I watch my kids grow up. Maybe once the kids are old enough to be on their own, and I get frustrated enough with the state of our government (sometimes I think I’m there) then I will. In the mean time I’ll do what I can to learn about and watch history unfold while helping others, through this blog, to understand how our governments meddling affects our lives in ways I know I’d much rather not have.

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