Ron Paul supporters organize City Wide Sign Wave in Dallas and surrounding areas

If you were traveling around the Dallas area today, you might have spotted some people on a corner somewhere waving a Ron Paul sign. This was because the Ron Paul Dallas 2012 group organized a city wide sign wave today between 4-6 pm. The event was design to coordinate with the National Promote Ron Paul Day.
Ron Paul "City Wide Sign Wave" in Dallas Texas on Feb. 25th 2012.  Photos taken at Walnut Hill and Greenville Ave.
Debbie McKee of Ron Paul Dallas 2012
Ron Paul Dallas 2012 activist Holding up a Ron Paul Sign for the Febuary Ron Paul Day.
Daniel Richmond of Ron Paul Dallas 2012
Some of the intersections included, Campbell and Coit, Northwest Highway and Caruth, Beltline and Midway, Preston and Forest, Mockingbird and Greenville, and many others. Each location had around 3-4 people, with the largest amount of 9, reported by Stephen Powelson who was at Beltline and Montfort, where a lot of literature was also handed out. There was also another group of 20 people in Arlington off Bardin and Cooper, and groups in the cities of Granbury and Ennis as well.
At the location where I was, there where 4 sign wavers getting a lot of honks and waves by drivers passing by. There was even some literature and contact information handed out to a few people. Other locations have also reported success in recruiting volunteers to help with the Ron Paul Dallas 2012 group.
Participants commented that supporting Ron Paul was a matter of him being the only candidate who truly understands how to reduce the size of the Federal Government, and that he’s the only one who actually has a record of following the U.S. Constitution. Another young man commented that he didn’t want to be paying for the National Debt for the rest of his life.
Anyway you dice it, it sure appears that support for Ron Paul is picking up in the Northern Texas area, as the Texas Primaries inch ever closer; despite court ordered date changes.

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