Paraben Free Face Cleaner

Sebamed face wash and face cream


I have used Mary Kay Timewise set for washing my face for years.  I wasn’t perfectly happy with this product but I was content to keep using it. The biggest issue I had is that although Mary Kay makes great products I don’t believe they focus on if the ingredients they use are completely toxin free. If they are conscience of this…they are not advertising. I want products that are paraben free, as parabens are estrogen mimickers and reek havoc on our bodies.

Early this year I was at Costco and came across Sebamed, they had a sample table and I stopped to talk to the sales associate because across the bottle in red, it advertises NO PARABENS.

I tried the hand lotion and was content with the feel. I don’t care for the greasy left over feel of lotion. I only use when I have to. I was very intrigued by the face wash and face cream and decided to take a chance. It’s Costco so the liquid face & body wash is in this huge 33.8 Fl oz pump container. It’s more than just a face cleaner. You can use it for a body wash, I don’t. I like to use it for bubble baths.  When my hand soap has run out I use it to wash my hands too.

I love the complexion of my skin now. I have to follow the face wash with the moisturizing face cream (or my skin feels DRY). I don’t feel the need to wear makeup anymore. I never felt comfortable living the house without makeup prior to switching to Sebamed, now I do it all the time.

This product is not 100% all natural, but for now I am pretty impressed by this product and it is a step to detoxing my body.


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