Out of Reach

Have you ever wanted something so bad you’d do anything for it? Have you ever had it starring you in the face, taunting you, flaunting you, haunting you? You reach for it and it just beyond your reach, just beyond your hit, just beyond your mark. You know you can get it, it was meant to be, it was meant for me, it wasn’t for free. You try and try again, you feel you’re all but there, you take it to the end of your abilities. Why can’t you reach it, why can’t you have it, why does it evade your every move? The greatest beauty of them all right before you, flaunting back at you, begging for you, wanting you. Reaching, you grasp for its touch, you embrace for its love, you almost feel it’s warmth, but then it’s just beyond your reach. Discouraged, but determined you try again, and again, and again, and………..

WHY!!!?? Ok, so maybe it’s not time, maybe it playing hard to get, maybe it really wasn’t meant to be. Maybe I should look for one more beautiful, one more meant for me, one not beyond my reach. These others are nice, I could go for that, I could live for that, I could….. No, I can’t settle for anything less than the one that is so beautiful inside and out, one I love so much.

How do I try again, How do I settle for less, how do I get what doesn’t seem to want me as close as I would have it be? Such beauty, how can anything compare. How can I go without what I’ve yearned so long for now that I’ve found it in a form so much more then I know could exist? Perhaps I shall let it know, and let it go. Hoping it will come back to me.

– S.J. Hollist

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