Negro – ’07 FJ Cruiser

Early Saturday morning my wife and I flew out to Albuquerque to pick up my new 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser [that I’ve since named Negro (Spanish for Black), because my wife likes to give our cars Spanish names]. Now that I was starting to feel settled down in Texas, in the Winter of 2007, I was missing my old ’97 Tacoma. Thanks to my wife and her Uncle (who has some connections) I was able to get one of the last remaining of only 3200 that came with the TRD Special Addition package. I then sold my GTI shortly there after.

Adventures I’ve had with Negro:

Things I’ve added to Negro:

Parabolic side Mirrors
CB RadioCobra 75 WXST and Bandi Mount Install
HAM Radio
Factory Sub-Woofer
Factory Passenger Arm Rest
Rock/Undercarriage Lights w/ “factory” switch
Electrical wiring to power radios, extra outlets, GPS, etc.
MAF Skid Plates Install

And now it has been sold. It’ll be missed…

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